Yes, it's true.  In 2015 I moved to Connecticut to be with my daughter and her growing family.

Since that move, I have followed my dream and become a Certified DreamBuilder Coach with Life Mastery Institute.  This has opened the way for me to pull my diverse interests and trainings together as a Happiness Coach and Speaker, serving many more people.

DREAMBUILDING Coaching Sessions

WHAT WOULD YOU LOVE?! Our sessions start with a conversation about you and what you wish for in your life.  We talk about what isn't working and what would be wonderful.  We discover what it would take to bridge the gap.  For more information, check out


I have been in practice as a massage therapist since 1992, developing experience in a variety of modalities. In my practice I draw on my diverse background in movement, massage and other healing modalities to help you relax your body and mind during the session.  My area of specialty is gentle work with the Psoas Muscles, and all that extends from them.

Gentle lighting and music, with optional spa treatments augment your experience. You will leave with information and ideas for enhanced self-care, allowing healing to continue in the "real world."

Each session begins with a conversation about your goals and what you need in that moment.  This allows me to draw on my experience and training and create a session just for you.  You can click on the "My Services" page to learn more about some of the techniques I use in my work.


Through the years I have developed a passion for BREATHING, MOVEMENT, MEDITATION, METAPHYSICS and NUTRITION!  As I grow older I am very interested in how we can age with the greatest health. As I learn, I share.  What I have to offer keeps evolving.

My most popular workshop is THE VISION WORKSHOP. 

Whether a 15 minute Lunch & Learn talk, or a three-hour experiential workshop, The Vision Workshop teaches an empowering way of thinking to help you:  

  • Absolutely love your life, increase prosperity and stay in complete harmony with your highest values; 
  • take confident action towards any goal while also eliminating fear, doubt, and worry in your life.

Bring your dreams and an open mind.



I began my therapeutic massage practice in 1992. Seventeen years of increasing responsibilities in the corporate world had left me hungry to learn more about human beings and healing. After the first semester at the Baltimore School of Massage I knew it was time to change directions.  More than 20 years later I continue to be amazed at how much there is to learn and explore in the mind-body-spirit arena.  Besides massage, my life path has included belly dance, yoga, kung fu, qigong, meditation, metaphysical studies, ministerial training and single parenting. 

This LIFE EXPERIENCE contributes to my skills as a Certified DreamBuilder Coach.  If "DreamBuilder" sounds a bit esoteric, you can think of me as a Happiness Coach - supporting you in living the life you design and love. 


Home Economics (Virginia Tech, BS, 1975), continues to inform my interest in the interrelationship of environment, nutrition, human development and human relationships.

My training at the Baltimore School of Massage gives me a solid background in anatomy, physiology, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and myofascial release.  In addition, the Baltimore School of Massage provided opportunity to explore more subtle forms of "energy healing."  Ongoing continuing education balances mechanical dynamics with attention to deepening presence.

I am now a certified  DreamBuilder Coach through Life Mastery Institute.


To schedule a Strategy Consulting Session or Book a Workshop, please contact me through my website

To schedule a massage appointment, contact Susi Laura Massage Therapy, 203-438-2900,

For a Long Distance Reiki session, or a Nutritional Cleansing consultation, call or text me - 703-861-7578.